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I'm not dead!

Posted by treeese - November 29th, 2021

Hey, sorry for being inactive for so long, as you may know from the previous news post, I've been at college for a while, so I haven't exactly had time to draw for leisure and post stuff here on NG (plus I'm in the middle of a crippling several-month-long art block, there's that too).

College wasn't that bad. The classes were simultaneously really frustrating and very enlightening, while I learned a ton about shit like drawing and general artistic design, I also got pretty embarrassingly frustrated at a lot of assignments. My roommates blew, they're super loud and are just generally really lame, dudebro-ish "normies" with whom I can form essentially no meaningful connection, so that sucks. The food situation kinda blew, going into downtown Atlanta to restock supplies blew, not really having any friends or people I knew closely blew...a lot of it sucked, to be frank, but it wasn't really like an awful experience or anything, and I don't necessarily dread returning nearly as much as I did when I was about to go there for the first time.

Anyways, I can't say if I'll get back to regularly posting my usual content, any motivation for drawing has essentially gone down the toilet, and actually learning how to draw properly has made doing things with a mouse like how I used to pretty much unbearable, but for now, I'm just going to try to post the stuff I made during my time there, going week by week. Most of it will just be the charcoal drawings I made in Drawing 100, but I might have some stuff from my Design class that I can share additionally.

That's all.


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